Luangpor Pramote warns us about believing in things we don't know to be true yet. Blind belief is dangerous. We have to put in the work and see for ourselves.

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The episode reminds us about the correct type of concentration, and many of the ways we can be mistaken.

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Translated from the Robe-donation ceremony, October 27, 2013. The talk is in memory of the Supreme Patriarch of Thailand who recently passed. It outlines the pain of those caught in the wheel of Samsara, and the state of those who have overcome this cycle of suffering. Translated and read by Jess Peter Koffman,

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Luangpor Pramote emphasizes how mindfulness allows us to see the truths of impermance, suffering and non-self of body and mind. This episode is translated and read by Jess Peter Koffman with permission from Luangpor Pramote.

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ธรรมะจะเรียนต้องขวนขวายหน่อย เป็นศาสตร์หนึ่ง การจะเข้าถึงแก่นแท้ของแต่ละศาสตร์ไม่ใช่เรื่องง่าย

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